Suggestions To Help You Get A Girlfriend

By: Chris Sanders | Date: May 19, 2012 | Categories: Motivation

For the average guy, approaching a woman is for the most part nerve wracking. If you feel this way, then there are some concepts about women and wooing them that you are not aware of. Learn them and getting a woman to fall for you will not be such a mammoth task. You will get a girlfriend sooner rather than later.

It is important to immediately come off as someone interesting. Think beforehand about things you can talk about. It can be something funny or witty about a recent news happening, a movie, a book, a place or something you can engage her about. Do not reveal so much about yourself and make sure you do not come off sounding desperate. Instead of asking for a number, ask for an email address so you can forward her something. Just take a new approach.

Beware of you handle your love interest as well. Keep your hands to yourself except perhaps with a hand on her back to usher her in, a peck on the cheek to say hello and goodbye or a quick, light hug. Get too heavy too soon and she may conclude that physical intimacy is your main goal.

When she is ready to get more intimate, you will not miss the signs by what she says and how she handles you. Go rushing in before then and you will soon be hurtled out of her door and her life. If it is a long term or serious relationship that you are after, learn to bid your time.

Find ways to create anticipation as well. Go beyond the usual in dates and come up with more creative things to do. Suggest bungee jumping, sign up for a marathon and train for it together. Keep her interested with the ideas you have for your dates.

It may sound like a paradox but stay away to stay close. Give a woman space and drop the pursuit for a couple of days. Let her think about where you could be and what you could be up to and she will treasure the time she has with you and anticipate and look forward it more. See if she bothers to find out where you are.

Also, take advantage of the internet to get a girlfriend through online dating sites. There are sites where you are likely to get serious women who are also looking for serious or long term relationship. Post the best photo of yourself you can and a profile that is witty and fun and wait to get responses from all quarters. Carefully sift through the pack to find your best choices. Meet the ones you find most attractive and then choose the Cinderella who is the best fit for you.

Find more tips and advice that will help you get a girlfriend today. You can find information about where to meet girls and what to say to generate interest quickly.

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