Feng Shui For Summer Time Travel

By: Glenda Feilen | Date: July 27, 2013 | Categories: Organizing

After you travel, you are able to continue to reap the benefits of the lucky energy that flows to you from your Private Magnetic Directions.

After you arrive at your hotel, you may ask the front desk if they have a space with all the head on the bed against one particular of your four directions. The front desk usually knows the setup and will effortlessly accommodate you. If they cannot, then no problem – it is possible to simply turn your pillow so you sleep together with your head in the bottom with the bed or even move the bed slightly to ensure that the top of one’s head is against 1 of the private finest directions. When I travel with my daughters, frequently immediately after we’re assigned to our rooms, but ahead of we move in, we will evaluate bed directions and modify rooms if they operate far better for all concerned.

Another way to take advantage of power if you travel should be to location products that represent the unique power from the things you need in your trip within your four finest directions. A simple approach to determine the place of one’s directions is always to download a Cost-free compass app on your intelligent phone.

glenda-business-card-stack*In your Accomplishment Direction – if you are on a small business trip, you’ll want to put your business card or one thing with a company logo in that region.

Maybe you would like to put a note you’ve got written using the specific objective you want to accomplish while you happen to be there. Should you be on a trip in which the concentrate is relaxation, then put a thing that represents it there.

You may place your household image inside your relationship direction once you travel

It is possible to put your household image in your relationship path when you travel

* In your Relationship Path – spot a smaller image of the family members.

You can also place a picture of someone you want to complete company with or you wish to meet on your trip.

* Within your Health Path – you may place your supplements or some thing representing well being, exercise or fitness.

* Inside your WISDOM (individual and spiritual development) Path – place a book you are reading or maybe a small spiritual symbol.

There is another important power tip to keep in mind. In the event the bed is across from a mirror, which is typical in hotels, cover the mirror. You might sleep much better for anyone who is not doubled. Also, sleeping with an uncovered mirror across from your bed can impact your relationships negatively.

Even though it may be a little bit a lot more tough than at residence, hold the clutter to a minimum to maintain the good energy flowing to you!

And possess a good trip!

Want to find out more about feng shui, then visit Glenda Feilen’s site on how to choose the best feng shui tips for your needs.

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