New Book on Old Subject – The RuneChest

By: Lou Raedwulfe | Date: July 23, 2012 | Categories: Spirituality

The number one new book, The RuneChest, is finally published and available on Amazon. It is a delightful read for young and old, novice and experienced Rune casters.

Runes have become more popular in the last twenty years and there are several schools of thought that have gone into books in the last few years. Native American culture and Eastern Philosophy have often been mixed into one, forming a very different set of meanings than was originally intended. This book revisits original thought with modern times to bring you a fresh perspective with accurate meaning in our century.

The ancient Runes were meant as Oracles from which to seek advice and to be a substantial guide for those seeking advice. Oracles are not now or ever have been considered to have fixed meanings, but, are meant to be a guide with meaning that are applied to the questions at hand.

Quotes from the book:

“The Rune, GEBO, in the ancient Germanic world symbolized a gift. This “gift” often took the form of being restored to balance through the three-fold action of grace, liberality, and sacrifice. Giving a gift was a way to bestowing honor and, in turn, receiving honor in the act itself. There is perhaps no greater gift that one person can give to another then their heart; giving love is, perhaps the ultimate measure of the totality of giving-selfless and open, it brings balance to both the giver and recipient. When GEBO appears in a casting, it symbolizes that the opportunity to receive (or give) a gift. This may take the form of knowledge, an unexpected benefit, or the ultimate gift, love. The restoring of internal balance, “righting the ship” is part and parcel of this time. If the issue before the Oracle involves a romantic situation, GEBO instructs that while the “gift of love” may be at hand, it is important to remember that there must be equality and balance between the two of you in order to truly accept and honor the gift. Whether giving or receiving, it important to remember that by acting in true selflessness, the essence of giving can be imbued within.There is no reverse position for this rune.”

Interpersonal communication has been replaced in large part by email and texting. Time for reflection gets lost in our ever more hectic daily schedules.

It is as though we bounce off walls without talking with each other to expand our thoughts in personal interaction. Other people have, for the most part in the past, given us new perspective, especially if we are at a crossroads and need guidance.

It is here that the Runic Oracle can provide the “compass” to reconnect us to the innermost working of spirit and those forces which propel our universe. Giving guidance and re-centering our energies on the tasks which face us, the Runes have again fulfilled their unique role as Oracle just as they were used nearly two thousand years ago.”

This wonder book was written from the heart of an exceptionally adept Rune caster, who has spent a lifetime studying this ancient art. Lou Raedwulfe brings you the ancient art of Rune casting into the modern day, easy to understand language so that you will have the opportunity to spend quiet time with the nature of spirit to guide you to and through your potential.

The ancient Runes have brought guidance and wisdom to those before you and Lou Raedwulfe work will put you in touch with the ancient truth and guidance through his work. His hope is that the Runes will enrich your life and give you a sense of peace on your journey.

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